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Easy Hike to Black Hole Of Calcutta Falls

2.1 mile trail near Auburn, California (also near Sacramento, Cool, and Placerville)
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This easy hike to Black Hole Of Calcutta Falls is about 2.1 miles round trip stroll located near Cool, California. The trail is great ... more »

Tips:  Bring water
Bring a camera

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Points of Interest

1. START - the trail head begins at Gate 150

Hikers can still park for free next on the side of the road (Hwy 49, just south of Old Forest Hill Rd). This trek is popular for families with children and dogs on a leash.

2. Turn right at the fork and cross the bridge

As you cross the old quarry railroad bridge (aka. No Hands Bridge) stop and enjoy the view up and down the American River.

3. Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge

Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge is also know as the "No Hands Bridge" because until the bridge became a auto and pedestrian bridge, there were no railings on this bridge. Today the bridge has metal hand rails all the way across.

This bridge is a part of the Mountain Quarries Railroad (MQRR) and Mine which marked its 100 year anniversary in... More

4. Continue down the trail

5. The trail heads through the "bush and tree tunnel"

6. Old Trestle Landing - Trail temporarily leaves to old railroad bed

Old Trestle Landing - the wooden trestle is long gone but the bridge's rock and cement pilings are still visiable to those who take time to look over the edge of the landing. The trail temporarily leaves to old railroad bed and traverses the mountain side before rejoining the railroad bed at the other end of the old trestle.

7. Ford the small stream

This small stream is very easy to ford, even for small most small children. It usually flows year-round.

8. The trail returns to the old railroad bed.

9. Final railroad bed cut before the waterfall

10. First View of the Falls - Trail heads downhill to base of waterfall.

First View of the Falls - The trail leaves the railroad bed again at the landing of yet another long-gone trestle and heads downhill to base of waterfall.

11. Black Hole of Calcutta Falls!

Black Hole of Calcutta Falls is a surprisingly beautiful and substantial waterfall that flows year round. Bring your camera for photos. This is a nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch before returning back to the trail head.

12. Reverse the route to return to the trail head.

13. Stay to the right at this fork to continue back to the trial head.