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Aarhus Murals and Street Art Walk

Famous mural painters, local neighbourhoods, galleries, cultural meeting points, Godsbanen.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  This tour by Lissa Fogh takes you to the murals of Aarhus - into backyards and through alleyways.

Aarhus has some very fine samples... more »

Tips:  This is an all year round walk off the beaten track, but still in the city - so dress according to season.

There are no entrance fees... more »

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Points of Interest

1. 'Man with a Beast' by Stanislaw Wejman

This mural originated in 1991 as a project between local artist Hans Krull and the Aarhus Festival Week. As such, it is part of the genre murals, where the artists have been commissioned and paid for their work in the traditional way.
Rosengade 7
Hotel Royal (Backside)
8000 Aarhus C.

2. Adam Kadmon by Chr. Lemmerz

In Pustervig Square you meet this sculpture in bronze from 1997-98 'Adam Kadmon,' or the first man on Earth.

German-born Chr. Lemmerz now lives in Denmark and is known to use marble and bronze as well as margarine and silicone for his sculptures. His themes are body and soul, goodness and evil, life and death.

The inscription in Braille says:... More

3. 'Nuclear power? No thanks!' by Anne Lund

This logo, better known as a mini sticker that has been translated into more than 45 languages, originated in Aarhus in the 1970s. It was created by members of the organisation for information about nuclear power. The NO to nuclear power gave way to research and development in alternative energy forms and the Danish windmill industry emerged.

... More

4. Gallery V58, Gallery Lunchmoney and Lynfabrikken

You find yourself in the art street of Aarhus; Aarhus Art Academy is housed here.

Almost side by side you find two galleries that sell contemporary art. Lunchmoney features often funny and surprising new upcoming talents at affordable prices and V58 have their own already recognized artists.

The Lynfabrikken, across the road (backyard and... More

5. Blu

Blu is world-famous, yet Blu is anonymous, or he likes to conceal his identity.

Blu comes from the Bologna area in Italy where his works started appearing illicitly in 1999. His works changed the art market as they were given for free to the public in public spaces. The murals may appear and disappear.

Blu makes giant artworks on big walls,... More

6. Godsbanen and Institute for X

Godsbanen is Aarhus’ new cultural meeting spot open to everyone. It is set in the old freight yard, which has been remodeled with a special architectural “walk onto roof” facility and view designed by architects 3XNielsen.

Goodsbanen has free exhibitions, a restaurant, performances and workshops where you yourself can be creative. There are steel... More

7. Hotdog stand

Do like the Danes, grab a delicious Danish hotdog to eat while you walk along the street. You decide the topping - but most just say : "med det hele" Meaning: I'll take it all. The hotdog stand is the Danish fast food tradition.

The stands are run by an organization, which donate the surplus to needy Danish children.

If you prefer the more... More

8. Spanien 19B

This is a graffitti area with walls, murals and throw-ups still standing and about to disappear. The building holds some artists’ workshops.
Spanien 19B
8000 Aarhus C.

9. 'Vulva' by Faust

Enter the little passage and look up and back. This mural is called Vulva.

Faust is a Danish street artist who also participated in the Eicon Project 2006 commissioned by the Aarhus Festival Week. Proceed along the narrow alleyway that runs where the Viking town ended. The board fence used to show a lot of stencils by famous French Miss Tic, but... More

10. HuskMitNavn and Charlotte Fogh Gallery

HuskMitNavn or RememberMyName is now an established Danish artist. He started with street art and posters that got stolen due to their popularity and today you find him both in the closed ecosystem (the galleries, as he himself says), and in the street. The Danish National Gallery exhibits his work and he is now referred to in Danish art history.
... More

11. 'Woman upside down' by Herbert Baglione

Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione from Sao Paulo works not only on murals but also on roofs and pavements and beyond. He usually prefers the colors black and white.

He describes himself as a tool through which architecture finds a voice and that it is in this momentum the physical city meets its people.

Baglione has worked all over the... More

12. 'Group of people' by Herbert Baglione

You are now in the backyard of the school of The Chaos Pilots, an independent cultural education that originated in Aarhus.

Proceed through the arch all the way to the end of the backyard and mount the steel staircase. On the roof to the left beneath you, you find Herbert Baglione’s “Group of People” in his characteristic black and white slowly... More

13. 'Falling man' by Victor Ash

Victor Ash, born in Portugal, is a pioneer of European graffiti art. He was invited and paid to do this mural by Eicon in 2006.

However, most of his works are “in your face” works donated as free gifts to the public. He likes this interaction, also with those who have not sought out the vision. He says that his works in this way are democratic... More