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British Virgin Islands by Boat

Best stops along this dreamy 60-island archipelago.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  Along this archipelago of 60 islands—most of them deserted—you can rent a yacht and drift away from civilization. Sleep under the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Aragorn’s Studio

Under the watch of Tortola-born coppersmith Aragorn Dick-Read, Aragorn’s Studio has grown from an art gallery into a burgeoning collective, where crafts-people teach basket weaving and coconut carving; a fruit depot sells native produce (soursops, sugar apples); and a shop carries handmade herbal soaps and bags of briny Salt Island crystals.

... More

On a secluded and hilly 140-acre peninsula, Biras Creek feels like its own world. Guests arrive by boat or helicopter and are whisked off in a golf cart to one of the cottage suites—each of which has an outdoor shower and a pair of bicycles parked at the entryway. A short stroll past a salt-pond bird sanctuary is Deep Bay, where you’ll find a... More

3. Bomba’s Shack

Don’t miss the legendary full-moon parties at this island staple.

Cappoons Bay
British Virgin Islands

(284) 495-4148

4. Peter Island Resort & Spa

This private-island retreat is all about serenity and catering to classic desert-isle fantasies. The resort is committed to delivering in quantity everything the genre is known for, especially peace and privacy. Add to that a staff-to-guest ratio of two-to-one, atypical service for the region (it’s friendly and professional), and five untrafficked... More

5. The Moorings

One of the top yacht-rental companies, expert sailors can skipper themselves with a bareboat charter (from $410 a day), while novices can hire a crew for an extra $160.

British Virgin Islands

(888) 952-8420

6. Tortola The Soggy Dollar Bar

The Scene: Just steps from the water’s edge, this simple shack has walls covered with quirky sandcastle murals and only 10 wooden stools at the bar. Wander a few feet down the beach and you’ll find plenty of hammocks and beach chairs, where you can sip one of the Soggy Dollar Painkiller rum drinks, now a famous Caribbean cocktail. Dating to the... More