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Acadia Park Loop Road

Follow the official Park Loop Road in this extensive guide of all the interesting spots to stop at and explore in Acadia
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 27 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This 27 mile Park Loop Road will take you to some of the best highlights of the Acadia National Park. You will have multiple... more »

Tips:  Follow Route 1 up the coast of Maine following many signs for Acadia National Park. When you cross over the bridge to Mt. Desert... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Hulls Cove Visitor Center

Stop in the visitor center to acquaint yourself with the park and learn a little bit about what you will see. Pick up some free pamphlets as well that will tell you a bit more about all the spots that you will visit on this guide.

2. Coastal Loop first

Take a left here to follow the twisting Park Loop Road towards the coast first.

3. Abbe Museum, Wild Gardens, and Nature Center

Take a left into this area to explore a wonderful museum and nature center. There are beautiful gardens to explore and nature trails if you have the time. Make sure to check the links in this guide for more information.

4. Precipice Trail

Take this trail up very steep Champlain Mountain. I'll provide a link to another guide for this in the description of this guide if you are interested.

5. Beehive Trailhead

I have another guide for this hike. The link for the guide is in the description section of this guide. Here are some photos from the Beehive trail and summit.

This is a beautiful beach to relax at and if you have time you can take the short 2 mile Great Head Loop Trail to the point of land extending out into the Atlantic. You can also choose walk the Shoreline trail but I think it's easier if you keep driving as there are parking places as well along the coastline.

7. Thunder Hole

Watch as the waves get channeled into a narrow crack in the rocks causing the water to explode upward. You might get wet here!

If you are interested in taking this open ridge climb please refer to my other guide in the links section of this one.

9. Otter Cliffs

The 110 foot high famous Otter Cliffs.

10. Little Hunters Beach

This rocky beach in a protected cove is a nice place to relax by the ocean.

Here you can take a carraige tour along the parks old carraige roads to the top of nearby Day Mountain or to Jordan Pond House or Mr. Rockefeller's Bridge. There are also private charter options. Please check out the link I have in this guide for their website.

The only full service restaurant in the park. Stop here to grab something to eat and have amazing views out over Jordan Pond, which unfortunately you are not allowed to swim in.

Here is a trailhead with access to multiple carraige roads and trails to Bubble Mountain and the north shore of Jordan Pond. Look for my Bubble Mountain Guide if you are interested.

14. Bubble Pond

There is a carraige road located between the parking lot and pond that you can take to explore the area if you'd like.

Take this road to the top of Cadillac Mountain at dawn to be the first to witness the sun rising on the Eastern Coast of the United States. Check out my guide for this in the links within this guide. From here continue north to POI #2 where you will continue to travel north back to the Hulls Cove Visitor Center. I've added one more viewpoint... More

16. North End of Eagle Lake

Great views south over Eagle Lake.